Oct 30

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Books for Everyone!

We are so excited that we are able to give each of our students a book by our recent visiting author, Meg Medina.  Thanks to the Henrico Education Foundation and our own PTA your child will be bringing home their very own book to add to their home library.  This is a very special book because we have met the author and heard her story that lead to the book’s story.

We hope that you and your child will enjoy reading this book together.  Reading together helps your child develop his/her imagination, develop language skills, understand the written word, and prepares them for life’s experiences. Children who read at least one book a day up to age 5 hear 290,000 more words than children who have not been read to. Reading together is a powerful and fun way to help your child succeed. We know that owning books is an important factor in becoming a life-long reader.  Children who own books are 15 times more likely to read above their grade level!  We are thankful to HEF and our own PTA for providing funds to help build our students’ home libraries.

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